Maternity Services

Flinders Private Hospital regrets that we will cease Obstetrics and Maternity Services later this year. We would like to refer new parents to Ashford Hospital (within the ACHA group) is a leading private sector obstetric service provider with the capacity to accommodate privately insured obstetric patients now or post 16 September 2019.

Our Obstetricians will be discussing options for any parents currently booked at Flinders Private Hospital who are due to deliver post 31 July 2019. Ashford Maternity will support our patients and information regarding their service can be found at:

Please forward any enquiries to Mandy.Burnett@acha.org.au

Within the luxurious environment of Flinders Private Hospital is a maternity service dedicated to providing specialised and personal care for you and your family. From four beautifully appointed birthing suites, private rooms with sea or hills views to the warm and welcoming ambience of our nursery, Flinders Private Hospital provides a safe and caring environment in which to begin the wonderful journey of life with your baby.

Flinders Private Hospital is co-located with Flinders Medical Centre, Adelaide’s largest public tertiary hospital in the southern region, which provides immediate access to a Neonatal Intensive Care facility if required. This means you and your baby would remain close if there was need for a higher level of care for your baby, a service unique in South Australia to Flinders Private Hospital.

In consultation with your Obstetrician you have a choice of birthing methods. Our Midwives are skilled and flexible in providing the best care for you before, during and after the birth of your baby. We are committed to accommodating your choices for childbirth ensuring it is your personal journey.

Our maternity service includes:

  • Obstetricians who consult on-site at Flinders Private Hospital
  • Dedicated Paediatricians with consulting rooms located on-site
  • 24/7 Medical Officers rostered on-site
  • Antenatal classes and postnatal support
  • Free Wi-Fi internet access
  • DPhotographics - Professional baby photography service

Have your baby at Flinders Private Hospital

Flinders Private Hospital is equipped with four labour suites fitted with state-of-the-art technology, including K2 fetal monitoring systems which enables your Obstetrician to keep updated as labour progresses. The labour suites offer a variety of resources including birthing balls, mats and stools. The suites are designed to provide comfort for you and your partner with lounge suites, television and free Wi-Fi connection.

Our modern maternity suites are designed to ensure your stay is a relaxed and comfortable experience. We have 20 private rooms, all with ensuites and dedicated family rooms, which allows your partner to stay with you during your stay with us.

Our state-of-the-art nursery accommodates babies from 34 weeks gestation.

  • Neonatal Intensive Care facilities are located across the corridor in Flinders Medical Centre
  • Flinders Private Hospital is the only private hospital in Adelaide able to provide this service on-site
  • 24/7 Medical staff rostered on-site and an adult Critical Care Unit in the case of an emergency

Your Stay

If you wish to have your baby at Flinders Private Hospital, simply ask your General Practitioner to refer you to one of our accredited Obstetricians at Flinders Private Hospital.

After you have been reviewed by your Obstetrician, we ask that the online admission forms be filled out as soon as possible. The online admission forms can be accessed via eAdmissions.

Private Health Insurance

If you have private health insurance, we suggest you contact your private health fund to confirm that your admission is covered and if there are any co-payments that may apply to this admission.

Please remember to notify the hospital if your private health fund details change.

Check with your private health fund at least three months prior to your due date whether you need to add your baby to your cover prior to the expected date of birth.

Flinders Private Hospital is prepared to support you and your birthing choice, and will be here for you along the way.

Being a parent is a rewarding experience, but it can also be a challenging time if your baby isn’t settling or feeding well. Prior to your admission, you may like to review some of the resources available for new parents.

The South Australian Government website, “Parenting and Child Health” includes a number of guides for parents with newborns or babies aged up to twelve months old.

There are two booklets that we particularly recommend, available to download below.

Settling Your Baby

Breastfeeding Your Baby

The signs of labour are different for each mother and it can be difficult to tell when labour has started. You are welcome to call Flinders Private Hospital on 08 8275 3482 at any time and talk to one of our experienced Midwives. This phone call is important as it assists us to prepare for your arrival.

Your Obstetrician may recommend that you attend Flinders Private Hospital for an assessment at any time after 20 weeks gestation. During this visit you will be assessed by a Midwife, which may include Cardio-Tocography (CTG) monitoring.

For any other health issues unrelated to your pregnancy please contact your General Practitioner.

When you arrive please enter the hospital via the main entrance and proceed to the reception desk to notify staff who will organise your admission. You will then be directed to the maternity area, Ward 4 North, located on Level 4.

Parking is available in the Wilson Multi-storey car park on Flinders Drive or at the front of Flinders Private Hospital.

Where to Next?

Once your baby is born, you will move from your labour room into a private room on the ward. Your baby will stay with you unless they are being cared for in our Special Care Nursery. Your partner is also welcome to stay with you in your room. Our experienced team will assist you with caring for your baby.

During your stay, you will also have full access to all of our services and amenities including a kitchenette and lounge room for parents and their visitors to spend time in.

Following a vaginal birth, mothers can expect to stay for three to four nights, however this will be determined according to your individual needs. Following a caesarean section, mothers can expect to stay four to five nights.

For Mothers:

  • Antenatal pregnancy record
  • All current medication
  • Comfortable day and night attire – loose fitting and front opening tops are helpful when breastfeeding
  • Nursing supplies – maternity bras, sanitary napkins, and breast pads
  • Toiletries – deodorant, shampoo, body wash, toothpaste and toothbrush (please do not bring talcum powder)

For Baby:

  • Sleep suits in a range of sizes
  • Baby blanket for going home
  • Outfit for going home
  • Car seat installed in car for travel home

Your partner is welcome to stay overnight to provide assistance and support.

Flinders Private Hospital has a luxurious Family Room, equipped with an electronic king size bed, lounge suite, fridge and other amenities to ensure your stay together is as ‘close to home’ as possible.

All other rooms are designed to cater for an overnight stay and provide a lounge chair that converts to a sofa bed.

If your partner wishes to stay overnight please note the following:

  • Suitable night attire can be worn in the evenings but day clothing must be worn at all other times
  • Remember to wear footwear whilst walking around the ward or throughout the hospital
  • Please remember that you are in a hospital and a Midwife or staff member may enter your room at any time during the day or night
  • Other children are not permitted to stay overnight

Staying overnight is a great opportunity for you and your partner to develop your relationship as a family.

At Flinders Private Hospital, we take the safety and security of your baby seriously. Your baby will have two identification bands on after birth. These bands will be checked frequently and contain the following details:

  • Baby’s name
  • Date of baby’s birth
  • Gender
  • Baby’s hospital identifier number

The mother and partner will also be required to wear identification bands.

Cot Safety and Safe Infant Sleeping

We recommend that you adhere to the following guidelines for cot safety and safe infant sleeping:

  • Always have the cot lying flat
  • Place your baby on their back to sleep with feet to the end of the cot
  • Place your baby in the cot when you and your baby are sleeping
  • Leave your baby’s head uncovered
  • Do not place toys, including soft toys in the cot
  • Avoid the use of a bumper, quilt and pillows
  • Keep baby in a smoke free environment
  • When walking around the ward, please ensure that your baby is placed in the cot

For further information regarding safe sleeping and infant wrapping follow the links below:

SIDS and Kids / Red Nose


Staff Identification and Infant Safety

All hospital staff will wear photo identification, whilst on hospital grounds.

Our policy states that parents should:

  • Never leave your baby / child in your room alone
  • Do not hand your child over to anyone that you do not know
  • Request to see staff identification if you do not know the staff member
  • Keep your baby’s bassinet / cot away from the door leading out of your room

™Kidsafe is a trademark of Kidsafe, Incorporated

We understand that there are many things you need to learn about your new baby and the Midwives at Flinders Private Hospital are here to help you. Our Midwives advocate breastfeeding. If you choose to breastfeed we have dedicated Lactation Consultants available to support the establishment of breastfeeding.

Postnatal advice and support

Our Lactation Consultant visits all new and referred mothers. This includes if you have chosen to bottle feed. The lactation service can also be accessed once you have left hospital.

  • 24/7 phone assist: 4 North Midwife on 08 8275 3482

Wednesday "Drop in"

A weekly support group with access to our Lactation Consultant to assist with any support you may require with feeding, settling and parenting skills. Our drop in occurs every Wednesday at 10.30am - 12.30pm on Level 5 Walkway, directly out of the main lifts. No booking is required, just come along and share time with other parents.

Discharge is by 10.00am, please ensure you have your child restraint correctly installed in your car prior to this time.

It is normal for new mothers to feel anxious about taking a new baby home. Flinders Private Hospital holds regular Parents and Babies Information Sessions that you are welcome to attend following your discharge from hospital. Further information regarding these sessions is included in Maternity Education and Parenting Classes below.

There are many community supports available to help you with your transition. You may find the following links helpful:

Child and Youth Health

Beyond Blue

Breastfeeding Association

Child Restraints

It is the law in Australia that all children are restrained according to height and age when travelling by car. The restraint should meet the Australian and New Zealand Standards.

Further information regarding Child Restraint is available at the following link: Red Cross - Child Restraint Guidelines

Maternity Education and Parenting Classes

Flinders Private Hospital offers education programs to assist you during the pregnancy, birth and aftercare of your baby. All sessions are held at Flinders Private Hospital.

We offer a comprehensive antenatal education service consisting of a variety of classes to meet your antenatal and postnatal needs. These classes are provided for families who have chosen and booked to have their baby at Flinders Private Hospital.

Please click here to view the latest timetable.

Best attended around 30-36 weeks of pregnancy. We provide these classes as two options:

Option 1: Three classes over three weeks held on Tuesday nights from 7.00pm to 9.30pm

Option 2: Saturday workshop 9.00am to 5.00pm held once a month

Topics covered include:

  • What to expect before, during and after labour
  • The anatomy and process of labour and delivery
  • Obstetric assistance and caesarean section
  • Pain relief options
  • Body changes after birth
  • Settling and parenting skills

Best attended around 30 to 36 weeks for families having a second or subsequent baby to refresh your knowledge and gain new knowledge. Content is guided by participant questions relating to labour and delivery, pain relief options, caesarean section, siblings and managing an extended family. Held every second month on a Saturday afternoon at 1.30pm to 4.30pm.

This class provides a chance for parents to catch up three months after delivery. Mums and partners can share a cup of tea or coffee and chat about all the wonders of being new parents.

Dad’s class is designed for expectant fathers / partners and is best attended when their partner is around 32 to 37 weeks pregnant.

This 2 hour class is offered every second month and will be run by a male Midwife. Booking is essential, please refer to the Booking Information tab below.

Topics covered include:

  • The father / partner and child journey
  • Role of the father / partner
  • Work / family life balance
  • Breastfeeding
  • Safe sleeping practice
  • Parenting tips

These classes are held in a relaxed environment, with the conversation often guided by the questions you ask.

The cost for these classes is $30 and can be paid at main reception.

Bookings are essential and classes fill quickly, please complete our online bookings form and we will confirm your booking via phone or email.


Flinders Private Hospital Maternity Class Timetable 2019

Support services

Access to a range of antenatal literature can be obtained from our antenatal educator.

A 24/7 advice line via the maternity ward is provided to answer any concerns you may have about your pregnancy. Please call 08 8275 3482.

Antenatal Breast Feeding Class

Aims to provide education on the anatomy and physiology of breast feeding and lactation with a focus on practical information to assist with breast feeding.

Postnatal advice and support

Our Lactation Consultant visits all new and referred mothers. This includes if you have chosen to bottle feed your child. The lactation service can also be accessed once you have left hospital.

  • 24/7 phone assist: 4 North Midwife on 08 8275 3482

Wednesday "Drop in"

A weekly support group with access to our Lactation Consultant to assist with any support you may require with feeding, settling and parenting skills. Our drop in occurs every Wednesday at 10.30am - 12.30pm in the Level 2 Conference Room, on the Ground Floor. No booking is required, just come along and share time with other parents.

Our Obstetricians

Dr Elinor Atkinson
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Level 2, Suite 204 Flinders Private Hospital
1 Flinders Drive, Bedford Park SA 5042
Phone 08 8275 3465

Dr Preetam Ganu
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Level 2, Suite 201, Flinders Private Hospital
1 Flinders Drive, Bedford Park SA 5042
Phone 08 8299 0302


Dr Robert Jones
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Level 6, Suite 603, Flinders Private Hospital
1 Flinders Drive, Bedford Park SA 5042
Phone 08 8299 0922

Dr Carl Lam
Obstetrician and Gynaecologoist

Ashford Specialist Centre
Suite 21, 57-59 Anzac Hwy
Ashford, SA 5035
Phone 08 8297 9885

Dr Linda McKendrick
Obstetrician and Gynaecologoist

Level 6, Suite 603, Flinders Private Hospital

1 Flinders Drive, Bedford Park SA 5042

Phone 08 8371 2244 Fax 08 8371 4022

Dr Jane Wood
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Level 2, Suite 204, Flinders Private Hospital
1 Flinders Drive, Bedford Park SA 5042
Phone 08 8299 0070

Dr Ray Yoong
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Phone 08 8371 2244

Ashford Medical Centre

Suite3, 19 Alexander Avenue, Ashford SA 5035

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