General Practitioner Information

The seamless referral process at Flinders Private Hospital is designed to facilitate admission to a Specialist and a private bed at any time.

To find a Specialist, please refer to our Specialist Search function.

Alternatively, you can download a copy of our Flinders Private Hospital Specialist List

To book an admission to any of our services, please contact the following numbers:

24 Hour Access To:

  • Patient Admissions
    08 8275 3704
  • Chest Pain Centre
    08 8275 3347
  • Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic (Download brochure)
    08 8275 3347

Call Monday to Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm:

Flinders Private Hospital regrets that we propose to cease Obstetric and Maternity services later this year. This decision is based on a decline in patients choosing to use these services at Flinders Private Hospital, despite the exceptional care given by our midwives and doctors.

Ashford Hospital (within the ACHA group) is a leading private sector obstetric service provider with the capacity to accommodate privately insured obstetric patients now or post 16 September 2019.

Our Obstetricians will be discussing options for any parents currently booked at Flinders Private Hospital who are due to deliver post 31 July 2019. Ashford Maternity will support our patients and information regarding their service can be found at:

Please forward any enquiries to Mandy.Burnett@acha.org.au

The Flinders Private Hospital Specialist List can be downloaded here or alternatively, you can use our Specialist Search function on the home page to find an accredited Specialist that regularly admits to Flinders Private Hospital. If you would like a printed copy of our current Specialist List, please contact us on 08 8275 3719

In order to make it easy for you to refer your patients to our services, we have referral forms that can be downloaded, completed and either faxed (fax numbers are on the forms) or posted to us at:

Flinders Private Hospital
1 Flinders Drive
Bedford Park SA 5042

If you would prefer an electronic version of these forms, please contact our Business Manager on 08 8275 3719.

Download Hospital PDF Referral Forms

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